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Fox News Host Wonders if Jeb Bush's Son Will 'Join the Fight' in Iraq — She's Then Reminded of the Facts


"Cheap shot."

Image source: Fox News

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros took to Twitter Thursday night to attack Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's son, Afghanistan war veteran George P. Bush, for not serving in Iraq.

"Curious, will your son George P. be joining the fight embedded in Iraq, Jeb? Oh wait, that's right, he's also planning to run for President," Tantaros fired off, 30 minutes into Thursday night's GOP debate in Iowa.

But as others on Twitter quickly pointed out to Tantaros, George P. Bush is a U.S. Navy Reserve lieutenant and has previously spent time serving in Afghanistan. The son of the former Florida governor, nephew of George W. Bush and grandson of George H.W. Bush, used an alias while he was serving in the war-torn region and can be called at any time to return to the fight.

It's unclear whether George P. Bush, who is currently the Texas Land Commissioner, has presidential aspirations.

Tantaros has no record of military service, Mediaite pointed out.

(H/T: Mediate)

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