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CNN Host Forced to Cut Mics of Quarreling Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Supporters: ‘No One Can Hear You’


Their debate was just too passionate.

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders virtually tied in the Iowa Democratic caucus — less than half a percentage point separated them — and while both candidates handled the close race rather well, surrogates of their campaigns have not.

During a segment of CNN's "OutFront" Tuesday night, Clinton surrogate David Brock and Sanders surrogate Jonathan Tasini sparred so much that producers eventually had to cut their mics.

Image source: Youtube

Brock, who founded the pro-Clinton super PAC "Correct the Record, and Tasini, who most recently wrote a book promoting Sanders' presidential campaign, were arguing over their respective candidates' position on health care.

Each were trying to one-up the other. Tasini was stumping for Sanders, explaining why the Vermont senator's single-payer health care plan is the best for America, while Brock defended Clinton from a barrage of attacks.

But as show host Erin Burnett tried to move on, saying "thank you" a number of times and plugging CNN's Democratic town hall on Wednesday, the duo continued to spar. Finally, Burnett got them to stop.

"No one can hear you," he said, laughing at the two, thanking them for their spirited discussion.

She eventually brought the segment to an end.

Watch the exchange below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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