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Donald Trump Shares the ‘Unbelievable Information’ He Received From His Brother Before His Death


"He passed on to me unbelievable information."

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump shared on Thursday the potent advice he received from his late brother — and how it may have saved his life.

Speaking with CNN before voters in New Hampshire, the businessman was asked by host Anderson Cooper how the loss of his brother to alcoholism affected him.

"It had a great impact," Trump said. "He was a great guy. He was the most handsome guy. He had a great personality. He was the life of the party. His name was Fred."

"An airline pilot?" Cooper asked.

"He was a great pilot actually. Very talented. Other pilots used to come over to the house. They would always tell me he was the most talented. He had a great talent," Trump said.

"But he got hooked on alcohol. ... Ultimately it was just devastating," the billionaire continued. "That's why I don't drink. I don't smoke cigarettes. I don't take drugs."

"My brother Fred was a great guy. I mean, he had everything. The most handsome guy. And then he got hooked — and there was nothing, there was nothing we could do about it." he added.

Trump said that he has seen "really strong people" who "can't shake the habit."

"The way to shake the habit is not to start. My brother used to say, and he knew he had a problem, he used to say to me, 'No drinking! No drugs! And no alcohol!'" Trump said.

He added, "I probably wouldn't be here talking to you today if I didn't have my brother Fred. Because maybe with my type of personality I'd be a serious alcoholic. I just don't know. But I never had a glass of alcohol in my life — only because my brother said, 'Don't you dare!'"

"He passed on to me unbelievable information."

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