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How Much Do Bernie Sanders Supporters Really Know About the Socialist Candidate? Jesse Watters Finds Out


“That’s so hard to, like, pinpoint."

Image source: Fox News

During a segment on Fox News' "The O’Reilly Factor" Thursday, Jesse Watters asked students at the University of Oregon why they support Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who describes himself as a Democratic socialist.

“Why do you like Bernie?” Watters asked one student.

“He’s a great congressman,” the student said. “He’s a senator,” Watters replied.

Watters asked several students which of Sanders’ policies they support.

“That’s so hard to, like, pinpoint,” one answered.

“I think my favorite of his would probably be his health care policy,” another said.

“I really like his redistribution of wealth policy,” one replied.

He asked some students about what the term “Democratic socialist” means.

One said the concept of a Democratic socialist in the White House is “not as terrifying as everybody thinks it is,” while another replied, “I like that, I think we actually need more of that.”

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