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Prolific Bible Translator Reveals Reasons He's Endorsing 'Intrepid Conservative' Donald Trump


"The hype among some candidates about how 'Jesus is Lord' and quoting Scripture to win the evangelical vote is a charade."

Donald Trump speaks at Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center at Iowa State University, Jan. 19, 2016. (Getty Images/Aaron P. Bernstein)

Prolific Bible translator and Christian minister Dr. James F. Linzey has re-affirmed his endorsement of Donald Trump for president, calling the Republican businessman "an intrepid Conservative who unapologetically articulates and accentuates the pulse of most Americans."

Dr. James F. Linzey endorses Donald Trump (Military Bible Association)

Linzey, a retired military chaplain, the founder of the Military Bible Association and the chief editor of the Modern English Version Bible translation, explained his support for Trump during a speech in California on Sunday.

At the heart of Linzey's glowing support for Trump is his belief that the candidate speaks with honesty, according to a press release from the Military Bible Association that explains the endorsement.

"Donald Trump is ruthlessly honest. That means America can trust him to do what he says he will do," he said. "The alternative is to have a president who must do what his special interest groups tell him to do during his entire term as president."

In this case, Linzey said that the "president's relationship with Jesus Christ would take back seat to his relationship with his special interest groups," going on to question how some candidates are discussing Jesus and quoting scripture to win over evangelicals.

"The hype among some candidates about how 'Jesus is Lord' and quoting scripture to win the evangelical vote is a charade," he said.

Linzer also cited Trump's campaign contributions as a reason to support his candidacy.

"His campaign is not funded by special interest groups," Linzey said. "This means he is not beholden to them, and will have the freedom to build congressional support on both sides of the aisle and promote the values that millions embrace by implementing policies to make America great again."

Donald Trump speaks to the media before a campaign event at Hampshire Hills Athletic Club, Feb. 2, 2016. (Getty Images/Joe Raedle)

This is hardly the first time that Linzey has expressed support for Trump, first announcing his endorsement in September 2015. At the time, he told the Christian Science Monitor that he believes Trump is "the kind of person who is not going to deceive us."

"Evangelicals are tired of being deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing," he said at the time, adding that he believes that the Republican Party has failed to address issues that conservatives and evangelicals care deeply about.

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