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Donald Trump Promises to 'Do More for African-American People than Barack Obama Has Ever Done


"If I were African-American, I would be so angry at him."

During a stump speech in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Friday, Republican presidential contender Donald Trump promised voters he would "do more" for black America than President Barack Obama has ever done.

Trump told rally goers that he is a "unifier," adding that, if he was African-American, he would be "so angry" at Obama. The billionaire businessman then said that the African-American youth have an "almost 60 percent unemployment rate."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobless rate for black men and women aged 16 to 19 was 25.2 percent in January. However, last summer, the Economic Policy Institute conducted a study which found that 51.3 percent of black high school graduates are underemployed.

Trump went on to say that he will do more for black Americans than the president has done in his entire presidency.

"I will do more for African-American people than Barack Obama has ever done," Trump said as the audience applauded. "I will do more for the African-American people in one year than Barack Obama has done in his seven years, soon to be eight years."

Acknowledging that this is Obama's final year in office, Trump said, "Thank goodness."

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