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Rubio: Here's the Example That Serves As 'Sad Indictment' of News Media


"That's how sad this has gotten."

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio skewered the media Wednesday night, suggesting the various news outlets had allowed reality TV to "infect" the process of electing the president.

"Listen, I gave a series of policy speeches throughout the year," the Florida senator told host Megyn Kelly. "I was lucky if it got a mention. [Trump] would use a bad word at a rally ... it dominates news coverage."

He continued, "You have the head of CBS about a week ago say, 'Donald Trump may not be good for America, but he is really good for CBS and our ratings.' So yeah, reality TV has infected our politics. The culture has crossed over into our political debate."

Rubio said the "problem" is that "the most important political office in the world" is what is up for grabs.

"The person who has the power to send young men and women off to die in combat. That's what is at stake here," he said. "And it's become a reality TV show. And I think our country is going to regret this for a long time."

The senator, who is fighting for his political life in Florida, said that the non-stop coverage of his personal attacks on Trump — something he now regrets — proved how broken the system had become.

"Here's the sad indictment. ... Those couple days where I was saying those things. That I would do differently. Every media outlet in America was cutting in live to my events," Rubio said. "Every one of them. Because they were hoping I would say something so they could cover it. That's how sad this has gotten. And it's unfair. The voters deserve better. They really do."

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