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She's for Ted Cruz, She Doesn't Believe in Gay Marriage': Lesbian Comic Unloads on Caitlyn Jenner


"She has lived her entire life as a privileged white man and then makes these blanket statements about women..."

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During a recent radio interview, comedian Judy Gold unleashed an unfiltered rant on Caitlyn Jenner, calling out the transgendered former Olympian for making derogatory statements about Hillary Clinton and supporting Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

"She's for Ted Cruz, she doesn't believe in gay marriage," Gold said, adding in a sarcastic tone, "She's got to evolve on that."

The comedian's public statements slamming Jenner started on Twitter earlier in the week.

Gold's tirade against Jenner continued Thursday morning on Sirius XM's "Opie and Jimmy" show, when she became particularly animated and aggravated remembering Jenner's comments on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"She said 'Hillary Clinton has done nothing for women,'" an obviously irritated Gold said, adding, "Oh really? You've gained a lot of insight in the seven months you've been female."

The rant continued: "The gays and lesbians are the ones who fought for her to have these rights and be treated like a human being...She is abhorrent. I cannot stand her," said Gold.

Gold also mocked Jenner's receiving ESPN's "Arthur Ashe Courage" award last July. "That's not courage, you're f***ing loaded and you have a TV camera in front of you and you make up bulls**t and you don't even f***ing support the community!" Gold ranted.

Watch Gold cut loose on Jenner (Content warning for strong language.):


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