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Video: Evangelical Preacher Confronted by Mocker, 'Muslim' Children at NYC's Saint Patrick's Day Parade


Each year millions of revelers march or attend New York City's Annual Saint Patrick Day's parade.

This year, however, like most years, a handful of attendees showed up on Fifth Avenue for something other than the festivities.

Andy, a self-described member of the "Narrow Door" church, stood on a busy street corner on Fifth Avenue with the purpose of sharing his faith, telling parade-goers about Jesus Christ and what he says is an imminent reckoning.

"You commemorate Saint Patrick on a day like today yet you go against the ideas he believed in," shouted Andy into the crowd. "Cursing people out, getting drunk."

In general, Andy's message did not appear to be well received by onlookers.

One woman interrupted him and shouted "all hail Satan," in response to his message.

At another point a group of children who identified themselves as Muslims engaged Andy, saying the Prophet Muhammad was right, not Jesus.

Yet Andy seemed ready for them.

He said he expects abuse because Jesus was abused. He came prepared with a pamphlet entitled "Allah had no son" as well as arguments for his faith above all others.

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