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He Extracted Every Bible Reference Saying 'Fear Not' and 'Saw a Pattern Emerge.' Now, He Has a Lesson for Christians.


"Morally confused."

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, was doing a personal Bible study when he noticed a pattern — one that eventually led him to pen a book that encourages his fellow Christians to have no fear in publicly living out their faith.

"It began as I was doing a personal Bible study by extracting all of the references in the Bible where it said, 'fear not,' 'have no fear,'" Perkins recently told TheBlaze during a sit-down interview in Nashville, Tennessee. "And I saw a pattern emerge that, when those words were spoken, when God would say that to an individual or a group, it was usually prior to him doing something extraordinary through ordinary people."

It was a five-year process during which Perkins decided to turn those biblical lessons into a book titled, "No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth," which released late last year.

Listen to Perkins discuss the book as well as his take on the current political situation in America below:

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Throughout the book, Perkins presents stories of young people today who are courageously standing up for their Christian faith, pairing "each story with a biblical example" in an effort to encourage Christians to live without fear, according to an official book description.

It's a subject that the Christian leader believes is monumentally important, especially during a time in which biblical views appear to be less prevalent in mainstream society. Rather than remain silent, he's encouraging his fellow believers to take a stand for truth.

"We've seen a president who has used his influence to help facilitate an environment in which the left has been able to shove [certain Christian] viewpoints into the corner," Perkins said, going on to also place some responsibility on Christians as well. "But it's been facilitated by fear, by the fear of Christians self-censoring by silencing themselves out of fear."

He continued, "We're not to have a fear of man, rather we're to have a greater reverence for God, and that means that we will identify with him publicly in the workplace, in school."

Perkins said that today's culture is "morally confused" due to the fact that people "reject truth," but that the current situation goes beyond mere rejection, with some people "being hostile" toward biblical values.

"This is a time for young people — all people — to live out their faith in an authentic way," he said. "Even though the world may claim there's no transcendent truth, we know that there's truth and we are called to live according to the truth and do so without apology."


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