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Hannity Interview With Jorge Ramos Devolves Into Shoutfest: 'I Don't Need Lectures From You, Jorge!


"That's a lie! You don't support the rule of law in America!"

Things quickly went off the rails Wednesday night when Fox News host Sean Hannity welcomed Univision anchor Jorge Ramos onto his program to discuss coverage of Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Hannity accused Ramos of taking Trump out of context in regards to the billionaire's remarks on immigration — something the conservative personality called "fundamentally unfair."

"I'm simply reporting what Donald Trump has been saying," Ramos said.

"That's not true," Hannity shot back.

Ramos defended his reporting and the two continued to clash on the issue.

"Donald Trump said that Mexican immigrants are criminals, rapists and drug traffickers," Ramos said.

Things escalated when Hannity asked Ramos if some of the individuals entering the U.S. from Mexico are criminals.

[sharequote align="right"]"Excuse me! I don't need lectures from you!"[/sharequote]

"Do you acknowledge some are?" he asked. "Answer that!"

"I'm not here to defend any criminals," Ramos said.

"Can you agree that some people are?" Hannity pressed.

Ramos argued that data proved that as the number of immigrants had gone up, violent crime hasdgone down.

"Your math is insane!" Hannity said. "That's nuts."

"That's a fact," Ramos fired back.

Ramos then accused Hannity of not being tough enough on Trump.

"You can be much more challenging with Donald Trump," the Univision anchor told Hannity.

"Excuse me! I don't need lectures from you!" Hannity quipped. "Because you act like a sanctimonious objective reporter and you got an agenda! You support open borders, you support illegal immigration and you seem to be willing to risk the lives of Americans."

"I'm just being tough on Democrats and I'm being tough on Republicans," Ramos said. "I'm just being completely independent."

"You're not independent! That's a lie! You don't support the rule of law in America!" Hannity said.

"I've been tough on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton," Ramos said.

"Big deal. What do you want, a medal?" Hannity sarcastically asked to end the segment.

In the second segment, Ramos continued to go after Hannity for not being tough on Trump.

"I saw your forum on March 9 in North Carolina. You had an hour with Donald Trump. More than 30 questions and comments. Not even once did you challenge Donald Trump on the largest mass deportations, on banning 1.5 billion Muslims," Ramos said.

"Or even criticizing him for his sexist remarks on women!" Ramos added. "You didn't even ask for an apology for your colleague Megyn Kelly."

"I don't need your lectures, thank you very much," Hannity shot back, before accusing Ramos again of taking Trump's comments "out of context."

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