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Artist's Clever Illustration Stumps Social Media Users — Can You Spot the Hidden Egg Amongst a Legion of Easter Bunnies?


"You're the smile this world needs. Thanks for your posts!"

Image source: Dudolf Facebook page

Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas has returned with another brain-teasing picture that has taken the Internet by storm and caused social media users to collectively scratch their heads as they attempt to spot the lone egg amongst a legion of Easter bunnies.

Dudas, who keeps the a Facebook page and a blog entitled "Dudolf," is well-known for his previous pictures asking viewers to spot a lone panda amidst an army of snowmen, as well as a one of a single cat hiding amongst a sea of owls. And now he's done it again with a puzzle that asks viewers to find the egg hidden in a field of Easter bunnies.

Happy Easter! :)Can you find the EGG amongst the bunnies?Original picture:...

Posted by Dudolf on Friday, March 25, 2016

The new picture, which was posted to Dudolf's Facebook page on Friday morning, has been liked over 5.4 thousand times, been shared more than 4,000 times and received more than 1,000 comments.

"I found it. It's right next to the rabbit!" wrote one person on Facebook.

"Ah I noticed the egg, but I wasn't sure whether it was the egg or just a bunny with a round belly-fur," another person wrote. "I thought the egg is as big as the bunny."

"I've tried and tried, I just can't find the egg," wrote one confused person. "Are we looking for a big one or a small one. Oh dear, it's bothering me. Everything has ears!"

"What a WASTE of time. An 'Easter' egg should look like a painted egg...otherwise it's JUST another 'Egg'...Stupid," wrote a disgruntled person.

"Found it ! It's between the ears of the second rabbit from the left in the second last row. Now I can die in peace," another person wrote.

"Dudolf — You're the smile this world needs. Thanks for your posts!" another person wrote.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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