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Conservative-Backed Super PAC Launches New Anti-Clinton Ad Campaign: #NeverHillary


"Scandal follows Hillary Clinton like a shadow."

Image via Twitter/AmericanRising

A conservative super PAC is launching a new series of ads intended to remind Republicans that their enemy is not one another but rather Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The new ad campaign, which is spearheaded by Karl Rove's American Crossroads, released their initial 15-second ad Tuesday that will reportedly air in Washington, D.C. The ad campaign is using the hashtag "#NeverHillary."

The first ad is targeted at the many scandals that have plagued Clinton's political career. "Scandal follows Hillary Clinton like a shadow," the ad declares.

Clinton can be heard saying in the ad, "I think I’m probably the most transparent person in public life." It then goes on to list alleged scandals: Rose Law Firm 1992, Whitewater 1992, Travelgate 1993, Cattle Futures 1994, Lincoln Bedroom 1996, Chinagate 1996, Filegate 1996, "Sniper Fire" 2008, Benghazi 2012, Wall Street Speeches 2013 and Emailgate 2016.

"Always a scandal," the ad concludes with the hashtag "#NeverHillary."

The new ad campaign comes as the Republican Party continues to be split between those in favor of front-runner Donald Trump and those against. In recent weeks, those against the billionaire's candidacy have spearheaded a social media campaign — #NeverTrump — to declare their intentions to never vote for the New York mogul.

But according to American Crossroads communications director Ian Prior, Clinton is the presidential candidate Republican should be focused on defeating.

"With a resume filled with scandals and unethical behavior, Hillary Clinton is the one candidate unfit to be president of a condo association, never mind the United States," he told Politico. "Because of that, it is important for everyone to consider what would happen if Hillary reached the Oval Office and then focus on making sure that never happens."

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