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Lying Liars Lie': Ex-Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro Rips Into Trump Campaign Over Lewandowski Battery Charges


"Donald Trump is a smoking garbage heap of human debris and so is Corey Lewandowski, in my opinion."

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Ex-Breitbart Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro clashed with a Donald Trump supporter during a tense exchange on Fox News' "Kelly File" Tuesday night over news that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewnadowski was charged with simple battery for his alleged battery of Michelle Fields.

Shapiro wasted no time getting down to business, immediately accusing the Trump campaign of repeatedly lying and changing the series-of-events narrative regarding the alleged assault.

Image source: YouTube

"Lying liars lie," Shapiro said. "This is the Trump campaign where lies are told then lies are told to cover up the lies and then finally new lies are told in order to cover up the lies that were told about the lies."

"Corey Lewandowski grabbed Michelle, he yanked Michelle, he bruised Michelle. That was obvious from the tape. Michelle told that story. Ben Terris [of the Washington Post] told that story. Corey Lewandowski lied about that story. Trump lied about that story, and now they're telling a whole new set of lies," Shapiro conintued. "So their story evolved from 'Corey Lewandowski never touched Michelle Fields,' to 'Well, she sorta had it coming.'"

"That's the new take: She had it coming because she was clearly in a position to hurt Donald Trump and Corey Lewandowski ought to have a medal of honor for jumping in and defending his boss, who by the way, is surrounded by secret service, who do nothing, because obviously Michelle is no threat to Donald Trump," he added. "Donald Trump is a smoking garbage heap of human debris and so is Corey Lewandowski, in my opinion."

The segment's Trump supporter, Florida attorney David Wohl, flatly denied that Lewandowski is guilty of the battery he's been charged with. Instead, he accused Fields of "embellishing facts."

"It was a total embellishment of the facts," Wohl said. "If a jury sees this, Megyn, what she reported, versus the surveillance video of what actually happened, this case is going no where."

Kelly went on to grill Wohl over past statements the Trump campaign has made regarding the alleged assault, noting how their story continually changed and evolved as more damming evidence against Lewandowsi surfaced.

Wohl, however, never relented, and continued to defend Trump and Lewandowsi through the end of the segment. Shapiro was allotted the last word.

"All I can say is that essentially the Trump campaign is saying that we can tell you any lie you want to hear so long as you believe us rather than tape," Shapiro said. "We'll provide tape, we'll provide audio, we'll provide contemporaneous witness accounts, but none of it matters because Donald Trump says something, and what the great 'Great Donald' says must go."

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