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Veterans' Graves Lie Underwater, Uncared For Among Fields of Rubble at New Jersey Cemetery


At first glance, the scene at Forest Green Park Cemetery is much like you'd expect at any garden of the dead in a quiet American suburb.

150 quiet acres of rolling pasture are punctuated with gravestones, benches, and American flags.

But a closer look reveals disturbing details that have left families of the deceased distraught, according to local media.

Dozens of the graves the graves, including at least several belonging to veterans, lie among piles of rubble, uncared for, sometimes submerged under inches of water.

One remote section of the cemetery is particularly rough. Several burial spots appear to lie unmarked, besides soiled American flags haphazardly stuck in the ground. In this section there is no grass, only dirt and mud.

Last week, CBS New York also visited the cemetary, to discover many of the graves were completely submerged in mud puddles created by a not so recent downpour.

Officials at Forest Green Park Cemetery did not respond to TheBlaze despite several requests for comment or explanation.

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