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See if You Can Spot the Major Thing Missing From Cosmopolitan Video of Couples Talking About ‘Gun Ownership’


"How can Cosmo be so out of touch?"

Cosmopolitan magazine has published a video on YouTube in which young couples discuss “gun ownership.”

In each scene, the men are grilled by women on their decision to own a firearm and the Second Amendment.

“I would not want a gun at home with a child,” one of the women, Maggie, tells her boyfriend, George, in the video.

“Look at your fear now, you were never introduced to it,” he replies. “Maybe if you had been introduced to it by the right people — you could still have a fear but at least you’d know.”

George then asks Maggie if she will just try to shoot a gun with him.

“Nope. No, thank you,” she quickly replies.

Noticeably missing from the video is any woman who is trained and educated on using firearms. Many YouTube commentators slammed the video for perpetuating the stereotype that women are fragile and have an irrational fear of guns.

"Cosmopolitan....This video does NOT represent women at all, Shame on you for such a poor choice of idiots you chose to 'interview'...You need to ask WOMEN who are responsible gun owners," one woman commented.

"This is very sexist," another wrote.

"Women are the fastest growing demographic in gun ownership and licensing. How can Cosmo be so out of touch?" another commenter said.

Watch the video below:


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