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Glenn Beck Says There Is One Thing Ted Cruz Could Do That Would Prove He ‘Was Wrong’ About Him


"It would prove to me that what I thought about Ted Cruz was wrong."

Image: TheBlaze TV

It's no secret that Glenn Beck is a big supporter of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, but it turns out there is one thing the Texas senator could do that would totally turn the radio show host off — teaming up in any way with GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

"Do you agree with this statement?" Beck's radio show co-host Stu Burguiere asked Beck. "Not only would I not vote for a Trump-Cruz ticket, I wouldn't vote for a Cruz-Trump ticket, because taking Trump would convince me that I'm wrong about Cruz."

Image: TheBlaze TV

Beck agreed with the comment, though he did say he doesn't think a deal like that between the two Republican candidates would ever be made. He said Cruz would not offer Trump vice president, and though he believes Trump would offer the number two spot to Cruz, Beck said Cruz would not take it.

"I could see Trump offering it," Beck said. "Trump is a deal-maker. He's anything for the deal."

However, if the two did team up at the Republican convention in July, that would mean Beck was "wrong" about Cruz.

"It would prove to me that what I thought about Ted Cruz was wrong," Beck said, adding that Cruz is not "going to do those things."

The idea of the two men teaming up has been floated frequently, as they are the current delegate leaders in the race toward the GOP nomination: Trump leads the pack with 743 delegates, followed by Cruz with 517 and Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 143.

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