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Jesse Watters Asks 'Motley Crew of Radicals' Why They Dislike Trump So Much — See What Happens When He Presses for Specifics


"You had anti-war people, you had angry Latinos."

Image source: Fox News

Fox News host Jesse Watters asked protesters outside a Republican gala where Donald Trump was speaking why they dislike the billionaire businessman so much — but the "motley crew of radicals" had trouble naming specifics.

Image source: Fox News

"It was a real mishmash of radicals," Watters described the protest to Bill O'Reilly Thursday night.

"You had anti-war people, you had angry Latinos. This guy's yelling fascism in the background right here," Watters said, "a real motley crew of radicals here."

The Fox host had earlier asked a number of those who were protesting what, specifically, they disliked about Trump — but some were hard pressed to name any specifics.

"Everything. Racism. Xenophobia," one protester said.

Another said the U.S. is "skating dangerously close to a Hitler-like situation" because Trump is talking about deporting illegal immigrants. But when asked if President Barack Obama is "like Hitler" since he has deported illegal immigrants, the protester dodged the question.

Yet another protester had to be censored while responding to Trump's statement from last June in which he said that "they are sending their rapists, they are sending their worst people," referring to Mexico.

"Does this look like a rapist to you?" the protester said as he pulled another protester, who appeared to be of Hispanic descent, into the camera view.

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