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ISIS-Like Brainwashing': Disturbing Kids' Performance Has Gaza Boys Emerge From Tunnel to Stage Mock Execution of Israeli


"Where in the world can you watch a kids' play as horrific as this?"

Image source: Twitter/OfirGendelman

A children’s play reportedly staged in Gaza over the past week had kid performers playing Hamas terrorists emerging from attack tunnels and staging a mock execution of an Israeli.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman, Ofir Gendelman, called the disturbing display “ISIS-like brainwashing,” referring to Islamic State group brutalities in neighboring Syria and Iraq.

The children dressed in fatigues came in a line out of the tunnel armed with mock automatic weapons and then climbed onto a stage where they performed a military-themed dance with the guns.

In another scene, two of the children stood behind and aimed their “guns” at another little boy playing an Israeli soldier who was knees down on the ground with his hands behind his back. A similar visual image has played out numerous times in execution videos posted by the jihadist Islamic State.

Gendelman called the dramatization “indoctrination” and “child abuse.”

Hamas has dug dozens of fortified tunnels under the Gaza border with Egypt and with Israel to both smuggle weapons and goods into Gaza and to launch attacks on Israeli territory.

The Israel Defense Forces discovered two such tunnels over the past month, suggesting Hamas may be planning for another escalation of fighting with Israel.

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