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Listen to Limbaugh's Response When a Persistent Caller Presses Him to Endorse Trump


“It’s not what I do."

AP Photo/Ron Edmonds

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was confronted on-air Monday by a rather aggressive caller asking him why he has yet to officially endorse the presumptive Republiacn nominee, Donald Trump.

“I believe it’s time for the all-knowing, all-seeing Rushbo, the omniscient one, to come out and endorse Trump,” the caller said.

Referring to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s comments on the Benghazi terror attacks, Limbaugh replied, “In the words of a famous and well-known politician: What difference does it make now?”

But the caller was persistent: “He needs your endorsement! It’s that important! And it’s about time you did it!”

Limbaugh noted that the primaries are technically still happening, and that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz even picked up some delegates in Washington. But the caller held that the primaries are effectively over and again asked, “Why won’t you?“

Limbaugh, noting that he’s never endorsed a candidate during the primary season, said, “I think it’s a moot point now,” adding that he never thought that it was so important for him to share his opinions on everything so his audience can follow his lead.

“It’s not what I do,” he said.

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