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He Tosses Liquid in Drive-Thru Worker's Face as Fellow Passenger Videotapes the Whole Thing — and What Was in Cup Sends Victim to Hospital


"could really hurt somebody"

Image source: WBND-TV

No arrests have been made after police in Elkhart, Indiana, said a passenger in a car threw gasoline in a drive-thru worker's face at a McDonald's earlier this month.

A video of the incident was recorded inside the car by another passenger, posted on Facebook and then taken down Saturday, WBND-TV reported

Image source: WBND-TV

The clip shows three people inside the car, two in the front seat — and another in the back seat holding a large plastic cup partially filled with liquid. Part of the clip shown on WBND includes references to the individual as "gas man" and one voice saying, presumably regarding the cup's contents, it "could really hurt somebody."

Image source: WBND-TV

The individual was seen on the video leaning out of the car window, holding the cup near the drive-thru window and apparently trying to get the employee's attention before tossing the cup's contents at her.

Image source: WBND-TV

The car's occupants were heard cackling as they drove away.

The victim, Kayla Prater, is a manager at the restaurant and told WBND she's been afraid to go back to work since the May 20 incident and wants justice.

She went to the hospital after the incident, the station reported in an earlier story.

“Here’s somebody out working the late night hours trying to help everybody and provide for her and her family, and she has to go through something like this,” Sgt. Chris Snyder with Elkhart Police told WBND.

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