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Fox News Analyst on Obama: It's Obvious War On Terror 'Not as Close to His Heart' As Gun Control


"I think everybody can see that."

After watching President Barack Obama's speech in Orlando Thursday, Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz said it was obvious the War on Terror is "not as close to his heart" as gun control.

"I think President Obama today gave a very emotional speech," Kurtz said. "Unfortunately, as you said, he’s had a lot of practice at it, paying tribute to the victims and also pivoting toward gun control."

However, the Fox commentator said the commander in chief does so "with an intensity that he lacks when he talks about the War on Terror." And Kurtz doesn't think he's the only one coming to that conclusion.

"I think everybody can see that," he said. "It doesn’t seem like it is as close to his heart."

Kurtz later took to Twitter to say he "shouldn't have phrased" his comments the way he did, adding that he just feels Obama "takes a more detached approach in discussing war," as compared to gun control.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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