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Liberal Writer Goes All the Way: ‘I’m Totally Down With Letting’ Obama ‘Unilaterally Ban’ Everyone From Buying Guns


"This is not Dems' sales pitch."

Dylan Matthews (Image source: Mediaite)

Vox writer Dylan Matthews took to Twitter Thursday to say that he's "totally down" with President Barack Obama unilaterally banning Americans from buying guns.

"This is not Dems' sales pitch but I'm totally down with letting the prez unilaterally ban people (hopefully everyone!) from buying guns," Matthews tweeted.

Matthews said in a later tweet to fellow liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald, "I don't think there's an individual right to bear arms." Matthews did say, however, that he respects "erring toward due process."

As you might expect, it wasn't long before the liberal writer was blasted for his seemingly extreme position.

Others questioned whether Matthews would feel same way if Donald Trump was president.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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