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Mark Cuban Says This Might Be Why Trump Has Refused to Release His Tax Returns


He also said the Clintons are "much smarter business people and negotiators" than Trump.

In a series of tweets posted Tuesday evening, billionaire Mark Cuban suggested Donald Trump hasn't released his tax returns because Hillary Clinton actually makes more money than he does.

In fact, the Dallas Mavericks owner wondered if the Clintons paid more in taxes than the Republican presidential nominee has made in income. According to her tax returns, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, paid nearly $44 million in federal taxes on $141.9 million in income earned between 2007 and 2014.

Cuban also hit Trump on his frequent claim that the U.S. doesn't make good deals and needs a better deal maker. He asserted the Clintons are "much smarter business people and negotiators" than Trump.

Trump has been criticized by many Democrats and several fellow Republicans — including 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney — for not releasing his tax returns.

The Republican candidate has argued he cannot release his returns because he is currently being audited by the IRS. But the agency has said the release of his tax returns would not interfere with the work it is doing.

This is not the first time Cuban has questioned the validity of Trump's claim that he is a billionaire.

"If [Donald Trump] were fractionally as rich as he says he is, he would write a $200 [million] check to propel his campaign," he tweeted last month. "He doesn't have the cash."

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