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Dan Bongino Goes Off on Reporter During Taped Phone Call: ‘You Will Rue the Day You Lied About Me’


“Your IQ level is not high enough to comprehend what I am telling you,” Bongino said.

Secret Service agent-turned-politician Dan Bongino, March 13, 2015. (Getty Images/MANDEL NGAN/AFP)

Former Secret Service agent and Republican congressional candidate Dan Bongino went on an expletive-laced rant during a taped phone call with a Politico Florida reporter Sunday.

The Naples Daily News recently reported that Bongino “is still greatly lacking in financial support” from the district in Florida in which he is running “as far as itemized contributions go.”

According to the Daily News, Bongino, a candidate for Florida's 19th Congressional District, lives in Palm City, about 100 miles outside the district. Most of his itemized donations have come from Florida's east coast, closer to his home. Only 6 percent of his itemized donations have come from residents of the district he is seeking to represent.

Bongino alleged on Twitter that the report was inaccurate, so Politico's Marc Caputo asked Bongino to discuss his charge on the phone. He told Bongino he would record the call.

During the phone conversation, Bongino evaded questions about what specifically in the story was false.

“Your IQ level is not high enough to comprehend what I am telling you,” Bongino said.

When pressed by Caputo to explain his charge about an inaccuracy in the Daily News story, Bongino called him a “bulls**t artist with zero credibility.”

Caputo later asked Bongino if he was a professional candidate who moved to Florida in order to run for office after failed campaigns in Maryland.

“You don’t know why I moved to Florida, you motherf***er! F***ing coward!” Bongino replied, ranting that Caputo lacked the “balls” to run for office himself.

“You will rue the day you lied about me,” Bongino added.

As Mediaite’s Alex Griswold noted, Bongino also “[invited] Caputo several times to carry out a sexual act that is not physically possible.”

After the audio’s publication, Bongino called Caputo a “crybaby” on Twitter.

Listen below (Content warning: Explicit language):

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