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Extensive Criticism of Clinton Edited Out of Green Party Nominee's Answer During PBS Interview


"So are you saying you think literally that Hillary Clinton is every bit as bad for the country as Donald Trump?"

When Green Party nominee Jill Stein sat down with Judy Woodruff on "PBS News Hour" for an interview Tuesday, Woodruff asked this question:

You've made it clear that you think both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be terrible presidents for the country. So are you saying you think literally that Hillary Clinton is every bit as bad for the country as Donald Trump?

Stein gave an answer that spanned 1 minute and 9 seconds — but only 21 seconds of her answer made it into PBS' final version of the interview.

Jill Stein (Image source: YouTube)

It's possible that Stein's answer was cut for time. But what was cut was extensive criticism of Clinton — and not in one big dialogue chunk, as you might expect if there were a time crunch.

Here's the bulk of what was cut from Stein's answer — 43 seconds out of 69 seconds of air time:

Because Hillary Clinton and now her transition director Ken Salazar ... they're big proponents of the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is basically NAFTA on steroids. And most observers believe that it will send our jobs overseas, as well as undermine American sovereignty by bringing in these international tribunals that get to pass judgment on our laws, on our public health protections, on our worker protections. So we can't count on saving our jobs, saving our lives — one in three Americans now cannot afford health care under Obamacare — or saving the planet, because Hillary has been a big proponent of fracking, as is Ken Salazar, her transition director.

After that first edit ended, PBS resumed with Stein's answer — only to excise an additional 5 seconds. Here's what hit the cutting-room floor this time: "Americans have not only the right to vote but a right to know who we can vote for."

You can watch the unedited version of Stein's answer on a PBS livestreamed Facebook clip, beginning after the 6:40 mark. But on the PBS website and on PBS' YouTube clip, all you'll get is the edited answer.

Here's that edited, 21-second answer from PBS News Hour's YouTube page. It begins just after the 7:28 mark below:

And just below is a video that restored the cut portions of Stein's answer.

The narrator noted:

I'm glad PBS livestreamed the full interview on Facebook, but Facebook interviews do not show up in Internet searches. So if anybody searched for the interview, they'd end up watching the censored version. So not only did PBS' TV and YouTube viewers not actually hear what Jill had to say, even worse they were left with the impression that they actually did.

This story has been updated.

(H/T: The Gateway Pundit)

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