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He really did that?': Gary Johnson's sudden antics during interview leave MSNBC panel dumbfounded


"That never happened to me in an interview before."

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Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson spoke with his tongue out during an interview with MSNBC's Kasie Hunt that aired Friday on "Morning Joe."

The interview began with the former New Mexico Republican governor telling Hunt that, if he had been permitted to participate in the upcoming presidential debate, his poll numbers would have gone up and that "it wouldn't have anything to do with my debate performance either."

"It would just be that people would recognize that there's another choice and that there would be an examination of me and [running mate] Bill Weld as who we are and what we've done and based on that," he said.

Johnson then began to stick his his tongue out as he spoke, arguing that he could “not say anything” during the debate and still "emerge as the leader."

When the "Morning Joe" panel viewed the clip, one panelist asked incredulously, "He really did that?"

"That never happened to me in an interview before," Hunt replied. “But otherwise we had a very lengthy, extended conversation."

"No, no," host Mika Brzezinski said. "OK. So why isn't Bill Weld at the top of the ticket? What happened there? Who made that up? What's going on? Why isn't there a third option?"

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