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Glenn Beck: Illegal immigrants responsible for more deaths than Hillary's 'toddlers with guns


Clinton's remarks about the Heller case became an issue when leaked audio from a private fundraiser revealed Clinton criticizing the Supreme Court's recent jurisprudence on the Second Amendment.

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Conservative radio personality Glenn Beck singled out Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's answer about the District of Columbia v. Heller case on his radio program Thursday morning, pointing out that Clinton seems to lack concern for human deaths caused by illegal immigrants. When pressed about whether she would favor overturning the Supreme Court's decision, which held that citizens have an individual right to bear arms, Clinton responded that it was important to regulate guns because "dozens of toddlers" every year are involved in gun related accidents.

GLENN: Welcome to the program. I have to tell you, the -- the fact that nobody took on the toddlers with guns last night was -- was astonishing. She got in on the toddlers with guns.

STU: I did see some reporters actually fact-checking that and saying, "That was not what the Heller case was about."

GLENN: No, it's not what the Heller case was about. But she wanted to use toddlers with guns. Let me just give you this: There's about 50 shootings involving toddlers nationwide.

PAT: A year.

GLENN: A year. A year. And that's bad. And she said, "This is really important. We have to do something to stop those toddlers from shooting people."

Well, there are 10 people killed a day by illegals just in a car accident. In a car accident caused or involving an illegal, 10 people are killed every day.

PAT: Including toddlers.

GLENN: Yeah. So 3,750 people a year are killed.

Illegals — according to the sentencing — illegals account for 12 percent of all American murders, 20 percent of all American kidnappings, 16 percent of all drug trafficking. Illegals account for 13 percent of all offenders that are sentenced.

But she's worried about 50 toddlers a year. That's her priority. We have to — which the Heller case was not about — we have to make sure that toddlers don't get a gun. But 13 percent of all crime, sentenced crime, is from illegals, 12 percent of all murders.

Clinton's remarks about the Heller case became an issue when leaked audio from a private fundraiser revealed Clinton criticizing the Supreme Court's recent jurisprudence on the Second Amendment.

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