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Poll: Nearly half of Arizona residents say Donald Trump's proposed wall would be a waste of money


By a decent margin.

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Nearly half of Arizona residents say they think Republican nominee Donald Trump's proposed wall on the southern United States border would be a waste of money, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

According to the survey, just 34 percent of Arizonians think the wall would be an effective barrier to keep out illegal immigrants, while 47 percent said they think it would be a waste of money.

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Among Republicans, 21 percent said it would be a waste while 57 percent said they think it would be effective.

According to the poll, most Arizonians also don't think it's realistic to believe that Mexico would pay for the billionaire businessman's prized proposal.

The poll's results also align with nationwide sentiment of Trump's proposed wall. According to Reuters, 49 percent of American adults say a wall would be a waste of money while only 31 percent say it will be an effective barrier.

Trump's proposed wall has been a position he's maintained throughout his entire presidential campaign. For the majority of his candidacy, he said that he would force Mexico to pay for it. If they didn't comply, Trump said in April that his administration would confiscate money from immigrants who send money back to their families in Mexico.

However, Trump changed that during a major speech on Saturday, saying that the U.S. would pay for the wall and that Mexico would later "reimburse" the full cost.

Trump’s proposed wall would cost about $25 billion, according to a fact check from the Washington Post, despite his claims that it would cost no more than $12 billion.

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