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Team Clinton tweets guide to choosing between 'most corrupt, least popular candidates


This entire presidential campaign has been full of befuddling moments. The latest comes from Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account, which shared an article offering readers a guide to “choose between the most corrupt, least popular candidates of all time.”

“A guide to help you make your choice for president,” Team Clinton noted in the tweet.

However, as it turns out, the link is actually to a Slate article that swipes at partisans who have sought to paint Donald Trump and Clinton as equally corrupt. The article lists 239 “sins” the Republican nominee is guilty of while only noting one “sin” by the Democratic candidate: “Poor email server management.”

“For purposes of comparison,” Slate’s Gabriel Roth wrote, “we present these complete accountings of the candidates’ offenses and misdemeanors. Weigh them according to your personal and moral compass, then print them out and take them to the polls to help you decide. Good luck.”

But the satirical post was lost on some social media users, who chose not to actually click the link featured in the tweet. Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, an anti-Trump Republican, may have seen Roth’s article, but decided to capitalize on the title anyway.

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