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Glenn Beck: the Constitution isn't the most important thing we've lost this election

Glenn Beck

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck told his audience on Tuesday morning that, although it is important to stay focused on keeping our Constitutional rights intact, there is something more important to remember.

Beck said, "I'm not concerned — we have put the gate around the Constitution, and we have all been focused on the Constitution, where the Constitution is supposed to be the gate or the fence around the American idea." He added, "And I'm more concerned that we're losing the American idea than I am even the Constitution.  We're losing touch with one another."

"As long as we have each other, we're going to be able to make it," the radio personality continued. "As long as we don't lose our goodness — that's what made us great. No president made us great. No policy made us great. No policy or president made us bad. It was losing our goodness."

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