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Rachel Maddow asks Cecile Richards about a ‘Doomsday plan’ for Planned Parenthood after election

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow asked Planned Parenthood President and CEO Cecile Richards Wednesday if she has a “doomsday plan” in place for her organization following President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.

Maddow argued that a time with “Mike Pence as vice president, the Republicans in control of the House, the Republicans in control of the Senate and a conservative majority, potentially a big one, on the Supreme Court” could constitute “doomsday” for “people who work on reproductive rights.”

“Am I right to ask about a doomsday plan?” Maddow asked Richards. “Do you see this as a doomsday scenario for reproductive rights?”

Richards replied that “our doors stay open.”

“Planned Parenthood’s been around for a hundred years, and we've been fighting for the right to reproductive healthcare for that long,” Richards said.

Maddow also asked Richards if she thought that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, was in jeopardy.

“Absolutely,” Richards said. “I mean, I think that Roe v. Wade was on the ballot in this election. I know that Mr. Trump has said that in his acceptance speech that he was going to govern for all Americans - not just ones that voted for him - and I hope that includes women.”

Richards said Planned Parenthood “will absolutely be fighting for a justice to the Supreme Court who supports this right for women.”

“I don't think you will get a justice of the Supreme Court who will support this right for women,” Maddow replied.

“Well, that’s what we fight for, that’s what we fight for every single day,” Richards said.

Richards said that that Planned Parenthood clinics have gotten more requests for birth control methods covered by Obamacare following Trump’s election.

Richards added that people have been “dropping off baked goods” at Planned Parenthood facilities since the election.

Richards also acknowledged that Planned Parenthood had a “difficult” year prior to the election, likely a reference to undercover videos that raised allegations that they sold aborted fetal body parts for profit, which they have denied.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the primaries, and spent over $30 million in an effort to elect her and other Democrats.

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