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Conservative writer mocked for saying London has become ‘all Islamic’ amid integration concerns

A young Muslim girl eats a sandwich as she looks on during Eid al-Fitr festivities on Oct. 28 in London, England. (Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

Conservative author Janie Johnson was mocked tirelessly on Twitter over the weekend for suggesting London is "gone" and is now "all Islamic."

Within minutes, sarcastic and outraged responses to Johnson's comment began populating Twitter.

But, while Johnson's comment is certainly overblown, could there be some truth to it? In her tweet, Johnson cited a new year-long study from Dame Louise Casey, which found segregation to be at "worrying levels" in parts of Britain.

"The problem has not been a lack of knowledge but a failure of collective, consistent and persistent will to do something about it or give it the priority it deserves at both a national and local level," Casey concluded at the end of the report. "The work that has been done has often been piecemeal and lacked a clear evidence base or programme of evaluation."

Among her recommendations, Casey suggested immigrants take  "an oath of integration with British values and society" and school-aged children be taught British values in the classroom.

The study discovered "high levels of social and economic isolation in some places, and cultural and religious practices in communities that are not only holding some of our citizens back, but run contrary to British values and sometimes our laws."

In addition, Casey noted the treatment some women — whom she said would not likely speak English and would be kept at home for the most part — face in some Muslim communities.

"Misogyny and patriarchy has to come to an end," she said, adding that public institutions cannot fear being called racist or Islamophobic for acknowledging the issue.

When one fellow Twitter user responded to Johnson, telling her the U.S. "must not let it happen to America," the author agreed and added: "Britain just let their culture be erased!"

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