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Poll: Nearly 60 percent of Americans think Russian hacking had 'no effect' on election

Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Fox News poll released Thursday revealed that 59 percent Americans believe that alleged Russian hacking had "no real effect" on the outcome of the 2016 election.

Pollsters asked: "Do you think Russia's attempts to influence the presidential election using cyber-attacks helped Donald Trump or helped Hillary Clinton, or do you think they had no real effect?"

While the majority of respondents' assertions that Russian hacking didn't affect the outcome of the election is certainly newsworthy, also interesting is the way the question was phrased and presumably answered — as if the hacking definitely occurred. The story of the CIA's allegations of Russian hacking has been an item of serious dispute, notably from President-elect Donald Trump himself. The Hill reported:

Trump himself has cast doubt on the CIA conclusion, tweeting that if he lost and claimed that the Russians helped Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, it would be called a conspiracy theory.

The Electoral College is set to vote to confirm Trump Monday, and according to The Hill, a growing number of electors have asked for a briefing on the CIA report prior to casting their vote.

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