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Matt Walsh's satirical video slamming toy guns apparently touted as real — on WorldStar Hip Hop

Matt Walsh delivering his satire. (Image source: Facebook)

TheBlaze's Matt Walsh on Tuesday announced a feat he "never imagined" he "would accomplish" — one of his satirical videos made it all the way to WorldStar Hip Hop.

The popular website featuring rap music news and all manner of headline-grabbing stories dominating urban media got wind of Walsh's hilarious clip shot from inside his car in which he takes on the persona of an offended liberal father who decries toy guns since they lead young boys toward becoming "serial killers and rapists."

Here's more from Walsh's left-wing character:

Do you know who uses guns? Nazis. The Beltway Sniper, 'k? The North Korean Army uses guns. I rest my case.

How did we stop the Nazis from using their guns? We passed a law, and we said, "No more guns! You can't have 'em! Throw 'em away! Throw 'em in the ocean in an environmentally conscious way." And they said, "No, we don't wanna to that. We want our guns." And we said, "Too bad, you have to." And they said, "Oh, well, OK." No more World War II. World history, learn it.

The world was a peaceful place before the scourge of guns. Think of the Middle Ages. Think of ancient Rome. Ancient Rome didn't have guns — you know what else they didn't have? AIDS. Crack cocaine. Cyberbullying. You think that's just a coincidence? No. Because guns create evil.

But apparently WorldStar is taking Walsh's clip literally. Its headline reads, as of Tuesday afternoon, "Man Claims Toy Guns Turn Kids Into Serial Killers, Rapists, Nazis & More!" The site's Facebook headline adds, "Is He Trolling?" There's no other text along with the WorldStar story featuring Walsh's video.

Walsh even put a little cherry on top of the farce, telling a fictional tale of overhearing a one-and-a-half-year-old boy who found a toy gun in a store and then told his father, "Hey, Dad, FYI, just so you know ... I would like to kill puppies now. And orphans." Walsh added the response from the dad — "a Trump voter": "Yeah, son. That's what it means to be a man."

Walsh shared the news of the site's pickup on his Facebook page, celebrating — yes, satirically — that his "message of tolerance, inclusion, feminism, climate awareness, and acceptance will now be heard by a whole new audience!"

While many of WorldStar's 2,000-plus commenters on the clip seem to be catching on to who Walsh is, others apparently haven't quite gotten it yet.

"I'd hate to be this guy's son," one commenter noted, adding, "Correction, toy guns turn white people into serial killers, rapists, and Nazis."

Another noted, "Huh? This dude need to take is candy ass somewhere. He still mad he didn't get his participation trophy from Little league for going 0-12."

It's worth adding that Walsh noted on Facebook a few days back that a large number of people who say they know who he is and what he stands for actually don't understand that his satirical clips are, in fact, satire.

"I've gotten thousands of messages and comments and emails over the last week from people who absolutely do not get the joke at all," Walsh wrote. "I find that fascinating." He then went into a detailed explanation on why assumptions that he's lost his mind are "flabbergasting to me" as well as the value of satire.

Here's the clip that's caused all the hubbub:

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