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University gives Bible students trigger warnings — that they may see crucifixion images

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So, you're a college student whose academic emphasis is the Bible.

Seems pretty inevitable that if you haven't already eyeballed images depicting one of Scripture's most pivotal moments — the crucifixion of Jesus Christ — you likely will catch a glimpse during your studies.

Yet Scotland's University of Glasgow is nevertheless issuing trigger warnings about this very subject to students taking Creation to Apocalypse: Introduction to the Bible (Level 1), the Telegraph reported.

One warning about a lecture involving Jesus says it "contains graphic scenes of the crucifixion," and the Telegraph said students would be given a head's up beforehand.

While the move has also triggered some woeful head wagging, the paper said the school is obligated to protect students' emotional sensibilities: “We have an absolute duty of care to all of our students and where it is felt course material may cause potential upset or concern warnings may be given.”

Scottish Tory education spokesperson Liz Smith had nothing but contempt for the "ridiculous" decision and others like it.

"Universities are meant to be a place of learning where concepts are challenged and tricky subjects debated," she told the Telegraph. "That will become increasingly difficult if they go too far out of their way to ensure everything survives the politically correct test."

This isn't the first time similar practices at the university made news. Last month TheBlaze reported that an archeology professor at the school told his students that if the sight of bones makes them feel uneasy, they're allowed to skip the lecture.

(H/T: The College Fix)

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