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Just when you thought the marches were over, here comes the March for Science

A March for Science is being organized to take place in the coming months in Washington, D.C. (Image source: Facebook)

As Washington, D.C., cleans up after the Women's March and prepares for Friday's March for Life, word comes that the city will play host to yet another march, this one in support of science.

With a following of nearly half a million people on Facebook and Twitter combined, the buzz surrounding the March for Science — which does not yet have a date attached — appears to be gaining steam. Organizers put out a Twitter message Wednesday to followers who were presumably clamoring for more information:

According to CNN, the idea was born on a Reddit thread that was started when a user posted an article from Vice mentioning that all information regarding climate change had been removed from the official White House website. One person responding on the thread suggested a scientists march and the idea took off.

Within hours, a Facebook page, website and Twitter account were created.

According to the website, the march is intended to support organizers' core scientific beliefs on issues ranging from climate change to evolution and hold accountable any politician who takes a stance that diverges from those beliefs.

There are certain things that we accept as facts with no alternatives. The Earth is becoming warmer due to human action. The diversity of life arose by evolution. Politicians who devalue expertise risk making decisions that do not reflect reality and must be held accountable. An American government that ignores science to pursue ideological agendas endangers the world.

While one organizer told CNN they are planning an "inclusive" march, a perusal of the Reddit thread that began the initiative indicates a preference for the climate and energy policy of former President Barack Obama, and a distrust of Trump's statements on the subject of climate science during his campaign.

Trump recently mandated that several federal agencies temporarily halt their social media and communications output, and that that the Environmental Protection Agency ax mentions of climate change from its website. The EPA's scientific work may also be subject to review by Trump's transition team on a case-by-case basis.

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