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Female CNN reporters ogle Obama, call him ‘jacked’ on air

Image source: YouTube

During a Tuesday afternoon segment about former President Obama, things got a little uncomfortable when the two female hosts began making comments about Obama’s appearance that would have doubtless provoked instant outrage if the reporters had been male and the subject of their reporting had been female.

CNN reporter Brianna Keilar introduced the segment by discussing Obama’s recent criticism of President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting Visa applications from seven majority-Muslim countries. After an awkward pause, CNN host Brooke Baldwin took the opportunity to discuss the former president’s appearance in recent photographs taken during Obama’s vacation at billionaire Richard Branson’s private island.

“Okay, uh, staying on President Obama and looking at these pictures of him… you know, Sir Richard Branson’s island… I mean, can we say on TV that President Obama is jacked?” Baldwin asked.

In the full exchange, Keilar responded, “Well, you just said it. He seems to have had some time perhaps to spend some time in the gym, which, he did make a regular habit of that as president. But he’s been relaxing, and you probably haven’t seen him like this. But come on! If you were on Richard Branson’s private island and you’re spending your days kiteboarding, how excited and relaxed are you going to look?”

It is not difficult to imagine the reaction if two male on-air personalities had made similar on-air comments about a prominent female political figure.  CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but this story will be updated if one is provided.


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