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SNL airs controversial skit about Kellyanne Conway that they wouldn't dare do to a liberal woman

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It was a very political weekend for "Saturday Night Live," who spoofed a Sean Spicer press briefing and litigated President Donald Trump's controversial immigration executive order in the "People's Court."

But one political skit the show aired over the weekend is being criticized by even those on the left — and for good reason.

The skit centered around CNN anchor Jake Tapper — portrayed by Beck Bennett — and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and channeled the hit 1980s movie "Fatal Attraction."

The skit begins with Tapper ending his live CNN show and his producer telling Tapper he made the "right call" to not let Conway on his show that night.

But when Tapper goes home, Conway — portrayed by Kate McKinnon — is sitting at his bar with a drink in the dark wearing lingerie.

"Jesus — Kellyanne, what the hell are you doing here?" a startled Tapper says.

The next two minutes consisted of Conway attempting to seduce Tapper to get what she ultimately wants: attention from being on the news. But when Tapper is insistent that he won't have her on his show, Conway pulls out a knife puts it to Tapper's throat.

"OK, I'll text Fareed Zakaria, you can go on his show," Tapper says with the knife to his neck.

"Fareed Zakaria?! I have an office in the f***ing White House," Conway screamed back.

Finally, though, Tapper gives in and says Conway can be on a better rated CNN show.

"You're a monster," Tapper says.

Then Conway falls out of the window of Tapper's apartment and smashes on the road below. Tapper thinks Conway died, but she came back alive and fixed her broken limbs.

"I am fine, but actually I only have three lives left," she tells Tapper.

The skit was widely criticized Saturday night into early Sunday because of how it portrayed Conway: a wife and mother as a sex-crazed, suicidal killer.

For what it's worth, "Saturday Night Live" never portrayed Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton like they did to Conway on Saturday, leaving many wondering if "SNL" has a double standard for Republican women versus Democratic women.

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