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Watch: Pro-Trump minorities in Calif. blast their city for its 'sanctuary' policy at fiery town hall

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Residents in the small southern California town of Cudahy recently blasted their city officials over its "sanctuary city" policy at a town hall meeting.

Cudahy is located in southeastern Los Angeles county and is predominantly populated by Hispanic and Latino immigrants.

However, that didn't stop town's residents from rebuking town officials at a recent meeting.

"I’m a hardcore American patriot and a hardcore President Trump supporter. I grew up in the hood and the barrio and it's a shame that you guys take care of illegal immigrants more than you guys take care of the little homies that were born here — like myself," an unidentified Hispanic man wearing a "Trump 2016" hat said.

"I voted for our president, Mr. Trump, and I stand right behind him," he added. "You guys better get your act together because, you know what, I might take your place. We got people that are running for office, and you guys think you are safe. Guess what? We are a movement. We are growing."

"We have a new president, we have a new administration and they are not playing around. And we’re not playing around," the man went on to say. "America first! America Primero!"

Another unnamed person, this time a black woman, also lambasted the city for their policy.

"Sanctuary cities are racist," she said. "The black communities alone have been destroyed by illegal immigration."

"You're not going to be allowed to get away with this," she defiantly told the town council. "Your time is about to be up."

"Thank God for Trump. Thank God for [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions," she added to cheers from the town's residents. "And you should be ashamed of yourselves. How dare you?!"

Throughout last year's campaign, President Donald Trump vowed to be tough on sanctuary cities and states. He made good on those promises during his first week in office when he signed an executive order to cut all federal funds from cities or states that seek to usurp the federal government's jurisdiction on immigration and declare themselves a "sanctuary" for illegal immigrants.

And while states like New York and California continue to be defiant, at least one major city has rescinded their "sanctuary" policies over Trump's threat to withhold federal funds.

Miami-Dade county in Florida officially voted late last week to end their "sanctuary" policy. It began last month when Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez told all county jails and law enforcement authorities to begin cooperating with federal immigration officers.

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