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Abortionist on infants born alive: ‘Pay attention to who’s in the room’

In the new video released by The Center for Medical Progress, Dr. DeShawn Taylor, a former medical director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona, said that she has to “pay attention to who’s in the room” when infants show signs of life following an abortion procedure. (Image source: YouTube screen cap)

In a new video released by The Center for Medical Progress Wednesday, a former Planned Parenthood medical director said that she has to “pay attention to who’s in the room” when infants show signs of life following an abortion procedure.

The Center for Medical Progress’ new video comes the day after California prosecutors filed 15 felony charges against David Daleiden, the organization’s founder, and his associate, Sandra Merritt, for their roles in the release of the series of videos depicting Planned Parenthood executives appearing to negotiate the price of aborted fetal body parts. Daleiden called the charges “bogus.”

In the new video, Dr. DeShawn Taylor, a former medical director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona and a former abortion provider at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, told undercover investigators that, under Arizona law, which she called "tricky and "a mess," if a “fetus comes out with any signs of life, we’re supposed to transport it. To the hospital.”

Asked if there is a “standard procedure for verifying signs of life” after an abortion, Taylor replied, “Well, the thing is, I mean the key is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right?” She seemed to imply that a child showing signs of life wouldn't be transferred to a hospital if there were no witnesses.

Taylor, now an abortion provider at Desert Star Family Planning, said she performs abortions up to 24 weeks gestation.

The Center for Medical Progress investigators went undercover as representatives of a biomedical company seeking to purchase fetal tissue. Asked about obtaining intact fetal organs, Taylor replied, “It’s not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact, but I gotta worry about my staff and people’s feelings about it coming out looking like a baby.

“We have the people who do our paperwork for the fetal death certificates. They email us calling them ‘babies,’ ” she said. “Baby this, baby that, baby so-and-so, and I’m like, that’s creepy!”

Taylor said she uses the chemical, digoxin, to induce fetal death in procedures performed after 20 weeks gestation, adding that she finds it makes the procedure “easier.”

“My biceps appreciate when the dig[oxin] works,” she said, adding that procedures without digoxin after 20 weeks require “a bit more” force.

“I remember when I was a [family planning] fellow and I was training, I was like, ‘Oh, I have to hit the gym for this,’ ” she said of completing an abortion procedure after 20 weeks without digoxin.

In a statement, Daleiden alleged that the video shows evidence of illegal conduct and said "this footage is just a preview of the damning and incriminating admissions of Planned Parenthood leaders on our further unreleased tapes, being censored by an unconstitutional gag order from a federal judge in San Francisco.”

Daleiden added that “the only difference between Planned Parenthood’s barbaric abortion business, and that of the notorious Dr. Kermit Gosnell, is that Gosnell was not so careful as to ‘pay attention to who’s in the room.’”

“Elected officials must stop forcing taxpayers to subsidize Planned Parenthood’s criminal abortion business, and the Department of Justice must immediately open a full investigation and prosecute Planned Parenthood to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

The release of the video coincides with Planned Parenthood’s “Pink Out Day” Wednesday, a social media campaign to show support for the organization. A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood did not immediately return TheBlaze's request for comment on the new video.

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