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Video: Insane number of students want to ban professors who supported Trump

A number of college students at American University in Washington, D.C., signed Campus Reform's fake petition that called for professors who supported Donald Trump for president to be banned. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

A disturbing number of college students signed a fake petition calling for professors who supported Donald Trump for president to be banned.

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips took to the sidewalks of American University in Washington, D.C., where he told students and faculty that he was with a fictitious group called "American Students for Diversity." Phillips asked a number of people to sign the petition, which called for the college administration to stop hiring professors who don't agree with their political views.

"We're asking students to tell the administration when you're hiring people from now on, can we please make sure they're not people that supported Trump," Phillips explained to two students.

Phillips told another group of students that the college administration may think "like, 'Oh, let's give them diversity of thought' and that's a good idea, but —"

One of the students interjected before Phillips could finish his sentence: "That's not good enough."

The Campus Reform reporter played along with others, saying, "Anyone who voted for Donald Trump is, like, normalizing racism and fascism."

"That's true," one student agreed.

Phillips later described the purpose of the fake petition was to "protect students from professors who disagree with them so vehemently," to which one petition signer replied, "for sure."

As Phillips made small talk with another student who signed the petition, he thanked her for stopping in the cold weather.

"For a good cause, it's worth it," she said.

But it wasn't just students who want Trump-supporting professors banned from teaching. One faculty member even signed the document.

"I'm just making sure the administration knows that students don't want to see professors standing up for President Trump," Phillips explained.

The self-described faculty member agreed with the cause. "Yeah," she said.

To another group, Phillips claimed, "There's a difference between freedom of speech and us feeling safe."

"For sure, yeah," one student responded. Others in the group weren't so quick to hop on board.

"I guess there is an argument for like freedom of speech and expression as well," one woman said. "It's like kind of hard. It's a tough one."

"It's not really a democracy so we can't really play by the normal rules," the same woman later added.

Another student hesitated, saying he didn't think he has any professors who voted for Trump, anyway.

In the entire video, which is nearly three minutes long, only one student refused to sign Phillips' fake petition.

"I can't, I'm sorry," the sole student who refused to sign said. "I don't necessarily agree with those decisions, but I feel like people should have the right to make those decisions."

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