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At ACLU event, Chelsea Clinton introduced as 'alternate universe current first daughter of the US

Chelsea Clinton introduced as "alternate universe first daughter" at ACLU event on Friday. (Image source: ACLU)

Democrats still haven't gotten over their loss to President Donald Trump last November, apparently.

During an ACLU event Friday night, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and losing 2016 Democrat Hillary Clinton, was introduced as the "alternate universe current first daughter of the United States."

The introduction, of course, implies there was something "fishy" about last year's presidential election results and in an alternate universe Chelsea would again be first daughter with her mother as president.

It's a narrative that Democrats have been pushing ever since Trump was declared winner last November. Most Democrats believe Russia "hacked" the election by engaging in a cyber war against the Clinton campaign, which included hacking the email accounts of the Democratic National Committee and key Clinton campaign members like John Podesta. Those emails were then turned over to WikiLeaks to be released to the public, the theory says.

Democrats have also alleged that Trump's campaign, or key advisers, colluded with Russian officials last year. However, no evidence has been released to suggest this theory is correct, although FBI director James Comey said last month that his department is investigating potential ties.

At the ACLU event Friday, celebrities including Chelsea, actor Alec Badlwin, actress Amy Poehler, actor Tom Hanks, comedian Tina Fey, comedian Tracy Morgan and others gathered for a Facebook Live telethon to raise money for the ACLU as they stock their coffers in preparation of challenging the Trump administration in court at every turn.

Of course, there was plenty of Trump bashing during the telethon.

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