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Listen: Trucker explains how easily a car could get hooked on a semi, it happened to him!

Semi tractor trailer driver drags car for miles. (Image: You Tube)

Last week, a stunning YouTube video showing a car -- with a helpless driver inside -- being dragged down a California highway by an unsuspecting semi tractor-trailer driver went viral.

The clip, reportedly recorded by citizen journalist Brian Steimke, captured the bizarre incident as it was coming to an end.

After being dragged for miles, tractor-trailer finally stopped dragging this car. (Image: You Tube)

On Saturday’s “Pure Opelka” host Mike Opelka wondered how a driver could not know he was pulling an additional two tons of steel down the highway.

"How in the heck can it happen?" Opelka wondered.

In short order, Greg Anderson, a trucker in California listening to the radio show, called to explain how easily something like this happens to the driver of a big rig. In fact, the caller explained he experienced something similar in the early days of his trucking career.

"When I first started, I was hauling a 53-foot trailer across Wyoming and I got rear-ended by a Ford F-150 (pickup truck) that actually got stuck to my back bumper," Anderson explained.

"I didn't know he was there -- it felt like literally I had gone over a speed bump," said the trucker, adding, "If it hadn't slowed down my truck, I probably wouldn't have pulled over."

Shortly after hanging up, Anderson tweeted a photo of the truck he hooked in Wyoming.

In case you have not seen the video of the truck dragging the car, watch it here.

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