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Family Guy' mocks Kellyanne Conway in Emmy ad, gets destroyed by conservatives

Image source: TheBlaze

The creators of Fox animated comedy "Family Guy" dressed up the series' protagonist, Peter Griffin, in Kellyanne Conway's inauguration outfit for the show's latest Emmy mailer and conservatives were not happy about it.

The photo of the fictional Griffin sits below a caption poking fun at the term Conway coined, "alternative facts."

The Emmy mailer's caption reads, “Alternative fact: we are the smartest comedy on television.”

See the photo below along with some of the more outraged comments from Twitter.

On Facebook, where the show's official page shared the photo, the reaction from conservatives was swift and brutal.

"Now do Hillary Clinton ohh wait you bow down to her nevermind."

"Because mocking Hillary, Obama or the democrats is not allowed and would be trampling on sacred ground by the limosuine liberals that run Hollywood. Nope. not allowed; cant do that."

"2 Alternative facts. both are True. Family Guy used to be funny. Family Guy isn't funny anymore. There, now you understand the concept."

"Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to successfully run a winning presidential campaign, and family guy mocks it because they are complete bigots? And all the liberals cheer?!? Wow, liberals really are the group of hate and bigotry…"

"There's nothing brave about this, it's typical. I'm not a fan of hers, but this is just sexism. Trump is the President, he's fair game. Going after her is just BS. I'm tired of people on the left...MY people...talking about sexism, then indulging in it when it suits them. Let's try to be consistent in our beliefs? This is just so easy...mock the woman using her appearance. It wasn't funny when it was done to Clinton, and this isn't funny either. You don't have enough to mock in this administration that you have to resort to this? Talk about lack of creativity and imagination."

"This kind of comedy is so cheap and easy , im not impressed . So what you are basically saying is that Hollywood is so superficial and simple minded that all you have to do is attack this administration and you win? sad..."

"FG is trying way too hard to be relevant."

Though "Family Guy" was Emmy-nominated for "Outstanding Animated Program" four times — and hasn't been nominated since 2008 — it has yet to take home the coveted award.

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