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10,000 Muslims were expected to march against terrorism — here's how many showed up

Organizers of a Muslim march against terrorism were hoping for as many as 10,000 to show up in Cologne, Germany, but it appeared that about 1,000 people participated, not all of them Muslim. Image source: Twitter video screenshot.

Organizers of a march of Muslims against terrorism in Cologne, Germany, were hoping to see as many as 10,000 show up Saturday to prove that the "religion of peace" did not condone terrorism. They were disappointed in that expectation.

Euronews reported that only "several hundred" Germans, mostly Muslims, showed up to the march.

ABC News reported that more than 1,000 eventually showed up to the march.

Germany's largest organization of Muslims, Ditib, declined to support the march, while the Turkish-Islamic Union spoke out against the demonstration, saying that it would only affirm the narrative that terrorism is an exclusively Islamic problem.

“Calls for ‘Muslim’ anti-terror demos fall too short, stigmatize Muslims, and constrict international terrorism to being just among them, and within their communities and mosques,” Ditib said in a statement.

“We welcome public action, but reject the way in which this march has been organized,” Ditib concluded.

Newsweek publicized the march on Friday, in an article estimating how many would show up. "Around 10,000 people are expected to gather in the German city under the slogan “Not With Us” for the Ramadan peace march," the post read, "first announced on June 7."

Attendees posted photographs and videos from the event on social media.

"Muslims always stand up against terrorism," said one attendee, "but it's not covered in mainstream media, mostly, they focus on those people who commit the terrorism, who commit the murders."

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