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This tweet about deportation from a Salon writer got a brutal response

Salon writer Mary Beth Williams deleted a tweet she posted about deportation after heavy criticism from social media users. (Getty images)

Mary Beth Williams, a writer for Salon, posted a message that appeared to be supportive of illegal immigrants to spite President Trump, but it was torched so brutally by conservatives on social media she had to delete it.

The tweet since been deleted but many posted screenshots of the online missive.

The message read, "I wonder if the GOP has asked itself who will clean their toilets & nanny their children & drive their limos when we're all dead & deported."

The message appeared to reference President Trump's campaign promise to deport millions of immigrants illegally present in the United States. Since Trump's inaugural, illegal border crossings have experienced a precipitous decline.

Many saw the tweet as expressing a racist and elitist sentiment and responded in a mocking sarcastic tone.

The Office of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has reported a drastic increase in immigrations arrests since Trump's inaugural. Some city mayors, like that of Los Angeles in California, have made orders made to city employees to defy federal officials' efforts to enforce immigration law in their municipalities.

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