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CNN gets huge reality check in the ratings department after weeks of journalism embarrassments

CNN ratings tank after dismal month of June. (David McNew/Newsmakers/Getty Images)

CNN really didn't have a good month of June.

First, three journalists resigned for publishing a story last week that connected a Trump transition team member to a Russian investment bank. The story hinged on a single anonymous source and was later proven false.

Then Project Vertias, led by journalist James O'Keefe, released a number of undercover videos purportedly trying to further damage the journalistic credibility and reputation of CNN.

And according to a report from the Independent Journal Review, CNN had a total of four journalism blunders in June.

Now, it appears the rough month has had a lasting effect on viewers.

On Tuesday, CNN's primetime viewership peaked at only 886,000 overall viewers, whereas MSNBC peaked at 2.77M and Fox News peaked at 2.79M viewers. In the coveted 25-54-year-old demographic, CNN was only able to amass 308,000 viewers at its peak.

On Wednesday, it was much of the same. CNN peaked at 908,000 viewers where Fox and MSNBC both peaked over 2 million. The 25-54-year-old demographic was just as dismal.

But on Thursday, CNN was able to pick it up a little, and they carried just over 1 million viewers during Anderson Cooper's and Don Lemon's shows. However, they still trailed behind MSNBC and Fox by more than a million peak viewers.

Things got even worse Friday night after CNN producers aired a fake cover from National Enquirer as something real.

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