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Report: This is what Kathy Griffin said about Secret Service questioning after Trump beheading photo

Image source: TheBlaze

Comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a cryptic tweet on Thursday that seemed to confirm that she was interviewed extensively by President Donald Trump's Secret Service detail after she posed in a photo shoot featuring the decapitated head of Trump.

“Yes, it’s true,” Griffin wrote on Twitter.

Reports circulated on Monday that Griffin was interrogated for over an hour, and in person, and that the investigation into Griffin's photo shoot remained open a month after it went viral in June.

A criminal defense attorney for Griffin told The New York Times in June that his client was involved in the investigation, and defended Griffin's position in taking part in the controversial photo shoot.

“She basically exercised her First Amendment rights to tell a joke,” lawyer Dmitry Gorin told the newspaper. “When you look at everything in the media, all the times entertainers make videos or express themselves in other ways, you’ve never seen an entertainer, let alone a comedian, be subject to a criminal investigation.”

During a manic and hysterical news conference that the entertainer held in June, Griffin accused the president of bullying her, and claimed that she had been subjected to death threats as a result of her decision to take part in the photo shoot.

"He broke me," Griffin wept openly. "He broke me."

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