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Drag Queen Story Time' hits Boston Children's Library to end Pride month. Outrage, joy erupts.

Two members of the Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence speak on video. The group was the featured guest for "Drag Queen Story Time" at the Children's Library of the Boston Public Library on June 29. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Perhaps you recall New York's Brooklyn Public Library recently began sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Hour for toddlers, which adults in the crowd exclaimed that it was "fantastic" and "great."

Well, it looks like the Boston Public Library is doing the same thing.

Its Children's Library was the locale for a Drag Queen Story Time on June 29, library spokesperson Rosemarie Lavery on Friday confirmed to TheBlaze.

The event was slated to mark the end of Pride month, the main library's Facebook noted, and would feature the Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

The group's website says "we are a modern Order of Nuns, comprising of people of all gender associations, all spiritual affiliations, and all proclivities to do good works" and the "five aspects of our Practice include Service, Education, Activism, Entertainment, and Ministry. We believe that people should be encouraged to live their lives in any way that brings them the most amount of satisfaction and joy, without guilt or shame, so long as they do harm to no one. This underlying philosophical tradition of pure non-judgmentalism informs every aspect of our Practice."

The caption of a photo advertising the event on the Children’s Library Facebook page reads: “Let’s end Pride Month with a drag… drag queen storytime, that is!" The caption also appears to indicate it would be a return visit for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

As you can imagine, Drag Queen Story Time drew a ton of comments on the Children's Library as well as the main public library Facebook pages. Many were outraged by the event — noting it mocked the Catholic faith and was inappropriate for children.

"This is outrageous. If these men were dressed as Hindu women, Orthodox Jewish women, or Muslim women there would be an uproar," Jewels Green wrote on the Children's Library page. "Anti-Catholic bigotry is indefensible."

An actual nun, Sister Marianne Lorraine Trouve, also weighed in: "I am a real Catholic sister and I find this extremely offensive. This group mocks the consecrated life, which is rooted in the following of Christ who lived a chaste, poor, and obedient life, not a life of self-indulgence."

"Disgusting behavior in front of children," Lynn Festa wrote. "If Catholics mocked these people it would be all over the media."

"It is no coincidence perverts hate Catholicism. Every day I am more convinced the world has lost it," Mila Solanet said. "Unreal that they expose kids to this level of perversion and to top it off to mock a religion. Why don't you mock Islam? Cowards!"

"To be truly inclusive, maybe next time you can use the same public funds you used to do this to host some real Catholic nuns to read from the Bible," James Mueller wrote. "Oh wait, that might offend someone... #hypocrites."

But others were thankful and enthusiastic for Drag Queen Story Time.

"This is so wonderful," Jane Gillette noted. "I wish we'd been able to go! You can google them for more info, but the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a service organization. When we went to North Shore Pride they quietly stood in front of some hate spewers and offered hugs to passerby [sic]. They help people who have been hurt in the name of religion. This is a group that is funny, serious, and cares. I am thrilled that they were at the BPL."

Karey Mason blasted the negative commenters on the main library page: "The most hateful people on here are doing exactly what their fairy tale icon taught them not to do. You will burn in your hell for teaching to hate all of your God's children."

"My kids would really love to come to your story time," Carrie Nelson offered. "My son, especially, would love having some more gender fluid role models."

"Thank the gods for the Sisters," Jason McDonald wrote. "This is the best kind of community building. [Our] city and or families are so much stronger to have such caring wonderful people."

Here's a clip from the Boston Sisters' YouTube page:

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